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Cluster FACTS has been very active this summer 2014

22 septembra, 2014

Company Ivkovic doo, IVKO, took part at the Fair PREMIUM Berlin SS/15 successfully. Congratulations!

Company Ivatex doo, a successful sponsor of outstanding Garinello shirts for Dejan Petrovic orchestra Big Band at Guca Festival 2014.

Company Tiffany Production doo, TFY – a successful sponsor of Serbian golden water polo national players during the European Championship. Congratulations!

Fashion Company LUNA, opened a retail shop in Moscow, 6 Kulikovskaja Street in Alfavit Shopping Centre. The ladies interested in buying Luna garments will have the opportunity to buy the latest LUNA collection fashion items. Congratulations!

Company Jasmil doo, opened a retail shop in Croatia. Now you will be able to find a perfect Extreme Intimo cotton items in Dubrovnik, Department Store Minčeta, 2 Nikole Tesle Street. Congratulations!

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