About Us

Cluster FACTS is a non-profit association consisting of a group of private companies and institutions from the public education sector. The cluster of the fashion and clothing industry of Serbia – FACTS aims to increase the competitiveness and business efficiency of its members, as well as the fashion and clothing industry of Serbia as a whole.

The cluster of Serbian fashion and clothing industry – FACTS was formally registered in September 2010. However, its establishment began in early 2009, when three companies – Tiffany Production doo Čačak, Ivković doo Beograd, Jasmil doo Arilje, came up with the idea to group companies from the same sector. Since similar initiatives have failed in the past, these founders decided to focus on:

  1. the territory of Serbia as a whole and
  2. the fashion industry and primarily private companies – manufacturers of their own brands.

Cluster FACTS today consists of regular membership and supporting institutions that support the work and initiative by participating in various project activities of the FACTS cluster, such as the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor from Uzice, regional agency for development and European integration Belgrade, Belgrade Design Collective as well as the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade. Cluster FACTS is not only great but also important. Cluster member firms generate a turnover worth close to EUR 70 million with realized export operations worth over EUR 20 million.

The sale is aimed at both domestic and ex-Yu markets, Western Europe and the east. One of the company’s members of its collection exports and markets to the territory of America and Japan. The importance and importance of The Facts Cluster are reflected in the fact that all member firms export their products that represent an added value in which young design creativity and a quality and experienced way of making products are woven. The production facilities of member firms are mostly dislocated outside Of Belgrade, while most member firms have either their representative offices, headquarters, or retail and wholesale facilities in Belgrade. The total number of direct employees within the membership of the cluster is 3,106 people, of which over 90% is the female labor force.

Cluster FACTS membership in an indirect way and through a developed cooperative network employs over 5,000 people. Cluster FACT believes that there is a possibility to generate new jobs in member firms through numerous activities that companies will use by participating in cluster activities and projects, but also thanks to the lobbying that Cluster FACTS will have in the interest of its membership. The main strength of the fashion clothing sector and therefore the FACTS Cluster is in connecting knowledge, design, creativity, and workforce experience.

Continuing education done through clusters, attending seminars and participating in workshops as well as in joint projects and procurements, linking, and transparency in information is the basis of the success of Cluster FACTS and its membership. These are also the main reasons why it is important to be united and why it is good to be a member of the FACTS Cluster.


Vision of the cluster is as a leading support organization in enchasing the overall economic competitiveness of textile affiliated enterprises, and a textile industry as a whole, throughout the Republic of Serbia

Objectives of the FACTS cluster:

  • Increase and Enhance the Visibility of the Organization amongst public and private sector participants, with the ultimate aim and intent to raise awareness and profile of the cluster members, as well as Serbian Textiles sector as a whole
  • Increase efficiency and vibrancy of the cluster members and their workforce, via a series of targeted programmatic interventions meant to address skills/workforce gaps
  • Engage and Implement a series of Initiatives to address the medium to long-term financial sustainability of the FACTS Cluster
  • Expending number of services for the members through joint activities meant to achieve savings for the members and to help development of innovation projects
  • Becoming the leader in lobbying and assistance for the textile industry in Serbia, with the aim of improving business climate in the industry

Cluster FACTS defined Action Plan from the beginning of each year and in that action plan aims to undertake specific development programs. Since the beginning FACTS has established a clear maintenance services to its members.

Development strategy is directed towards:

  1. Increasing and enhancing visibility of the Organization and the whole industry in public and private sector
  2. Human resource development
  3. Business networking and development oj joint services
  4. Achieving medium and long term financial sustainability of the FACTS cluster
  5. The most important activities contributing their competitiveness are related to export support

Cluster FACTS members & memberships

Cluster FACTS is a member of:

  • Enterprise network Europe – EEN
  • AHK – German Serbian Chamber of Commerce

The list of Cluster FACTS members:

  1. Ivković , Beograd www.ivko.com
  2. Tiffany Production, Čačak  www.tiffanyproduction.com
  3. Jasmil, Arilje Extreme intimo www.extremeintimo.com
  4. Luna, Požarevac  www.fashion-luna.com
  5. Beba kids, Beograd www.bebakids.com
  6. Artex, Arilje  www.exterra.rs
  7. AMC Afrodite mode collection, Beograd www.amcafrodita.rs
  8. Faculty of Engineering Mihajlo Pupin University of Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, www.tfzr.uns.ac.rs
  9. Ivatex, Ivanjica   www.garinello.com
  10. Kika, Loznica  www.kikasocks.com
  11. TibStil, Petrovaradin www.tib-stil.co.rs
  12. Mona, Beograd  www.mona.rs
  13. Garman, Arilje  www.garman.co.rs
  14. Faculty of Applied Arts, Beograd  www.fpu.edu.rs
  15. Belgrade Fashion week Beograd  www.click.co.rs
  16. Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac, Čačak www.ftn.kg.ac.rs/
  17. Studio Maruška, Čačak www.studiomaruska.com
  18. NINIA, Beograd www.ninia.rs
  19. Jagger, Kragujevac www.jaggerbrand.com
  20. PS Fashion, Čačak www.psfashion.com
  21. ATUSS, College of Textile Vocational School for Design Technology and Management, Beograd www.vtts.edu.rs

Cluster FACTS partners :

  1. RRA ZLATIBOR, Uzice rrazlatibor.co.rs
  3. Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Belgrade tmf.bg.ac.rs
  4. Community of Textile Secondary Schools of Serbia
  5. Belgrade Design Collective