Republic of Belarus

The initiative for the conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement dates from 1998, however, until 2006, there was a period when different approaches were proposed regarding the length of the transitional period, defining sensitive areas of cooperation, the dynamics of lowering customs duties, establishing rules of origin of goods and lists of exemptions from the free trade regime. After Serbia became an independent state in June 2006, at the initiative of the Belorussian side, negotiations were started again to conclude the Free Trade Agreement. The agreement was signed in Minsk on March 31, 2009.

Having that in mind the Belorussian side during the last round of negotiations proposed complete liberalization of mutual trade, except for sensitive agricultural products and certain excise goods, a unique list of goods falling under the exceptions of the free trade regime (Annex A) is being harmonized, which will apply when importing in both directions. These are: sugar, alcohol and cigarettes, as well as used passenger cars, used buses, used trucks, used tractors and manufactured and used tires.

Subsequently, the Belorussian side proposed the amendment to Annex A, which our side accepted, and the amendment refers to the exemption from the free trade regime for mineral fuels during the export from the customs territory of the Republic of Belarus to the Republic of Serbia, for which the Belorussian Part has export See text documents:

See text documents:

  1. Agreement with the Republic of Belarus
  2. Annex A – Exempt Products (New)
  3. Annex B – Rules of Origin (New)