Cluster FACTS was formally registered in September 2010. However, the establishment of the Cluster begun in 2009, when three companies: Tiff any Production d.o.o. – Čačak, Ivković d.o.o. – Beograd i Jasmil d.o.o. – Arilje, gathered with an idea of forming a group of companies from the textile affiliated sectors. The Founders decided to focus on: 1) Serbian market as a whole, and 2) textile fashion industry.

Cluster currently consists of 21 private companies and three academic institutions. Honorary members supporting this initiative are RDA Zlatibor Uzice, Regional Agency for Development and European Integration of Belgrade and Technological Metallurgy Faculty in Belgrade.

Members of the FACTS cluster have cca € 50 million worth of sales. The sales focus on local markets as well as export. Export sales make about € 20 million.

Total number of employees within the Cluster is 3,000 people and 91 % of are female labor force. Cluster FACTS membership in the indirect way and through the developed cooperative network employs over 4,000 people.

The main strength of the fashion clothing sector and therefore the Cluster FACTS is in linking the knowledge, design, creativity and experience of the workforce. Continuous clustering education, attendance at seminars and participation in workshops as well as in joint projects and procurement, networking and transparency in information is the basis for the success of the FACTS Cluster and its membership. These are also the main reasons why it is important to be united and why it is good to be a member of the FACTS Cluster.

Vision of the cluster is as a leading support organization in enchasing the overall economic competitiveness of textile affiliated enterprises, and a textile industry as a whole, throughout the Republic of Serbia

Objectives of the FACTS cluster:

  • Increase and Enhance the Visibility of the Organization amongst public and private sector participants, with the ultimate aim and intent to raise awareness and profile of the cluster members, as well as Serbian Textiles sector as a whole
  • Increase efficiency and vibrancy of the cluster members and their workforce, via a series of targeted programmatic interventions meant to address skills/workforce gaps
  • Engage and Implement a series of Initiatives to address the medium to long-term financial sustainability of the FACTS Cluster
  • Expending number of services for the members through joint activities meant to achieve savings for the members and to help development of innovation projects
  • Becoming the leader in lobbying and assistance for the textile industry in Serbia, with the aim of improving business climate in the industry

Cluster FACTS defined Action Plan from the beginning of each year and in that action plan aims to undertake specific development programs. Since the beginning FACTS has established a clear maintenance services to its members.

Development strategy is directed towards:

  1. Increasing and enhancing visibility of the Organization and the whole industry in public and private sector
  2. Human resource development
  3. Business networking and development oj joint services
  4. Achieving medium and long term financial sustainability of the FACTS cluster
  5. The most important activities contributing their competitiveness are related to export support

Cluster FACTS is a member of:
– Council clusters in Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Enterprise network Europe – EEN

Association of Serbian clusters, cluster FACTS is founder and member of the Board of Directors

InitiativeCommittee Association of Serbian exporters


  • Ministry of economy and regional development – support for innovative clusters
  • National development agency – delivering MoERD projects
  • Serbia investment and export promotion agency SIEPA – series of joint program activities with FACTS cluster
  • Agency FOR export insurance and financing AOFI- deduction of interest rates for the FACTS members
  • Regional development agency Zlatibor, Užice- agreement on strategic partnership and cooperation since foundation of the cluster
  • Municipality Čačak – cooperation through the project SEE IPA EU FOND as co-financiers of the cluster innovation project
  • EBRD , Project for cluster support and development of marketing materials
  • EU funded project SECEP – since foundation of FACTS, through continuous support and consultancy, trainings for the members etc.
  • GIZ ORF Project of German government – cooperation of textile associations of the SEE countries, and development of future activities and business cooperation.

National character of the FACTS cluster:

  • Central Serbia– Ivković , Mona Beograd, AMC, Luna, Beba kids , VTSS Bgd, FPU, Modni studio Click, Ninia i Zora sport
  • Belgrade – Ivkovic, AMC, VTSS DTM, FPU, MS Click, MS Select
  • Western Serbia – Jasmil, Garman, Kadinjača, Arteks, IvaTex, Tiffany Production, Stig, Kika, Đukić- MB, Studio Maruška i PS Fashion
  • Southern Serbia – Ivkovic Blace
  • Vojvodina – TF Mihailo Pupin Zrenjanin, Leonardo Ada and Tib Stil Petrovardin